ContentBuilder Overview (Video)



ContentBuilder is a browser-based image editing tool. It allows you to create dynamic, layered content for use in Monetate experiences.

To start, navigate to the components tab and click content. This will open Content Manager, a central location for maintaining all of your experience's image, code, font, and location assets. Here you can upload a new image from your computer or use an existing image from Content Manager. Once you have selected an image, click "Edit in ContentBuilder." ContentBuilder will launch with the selected image asset included.

You can use ContentBuilder to build multi-layered content that includes images, shapes, text, and clickzones. In this screencast we will focus on the image and a clickzone layers.

The image tool allows you to add an image to your canvas and edit the background, opacity, borders, and shadows in the properties panel. You can adjust the size of the image using the handles, like this.

You can add a clickzone to your layer by selecting the "Clickzone" from the "Layers" drop down. You can add your URL, alternate text, and open preferences in the properties panel. If you want, you can also add a CSS class here.

Adding a clickzone layer creates a defined area on your image that redirects the visitor to a destination URL when it is clicked. Here we've added a clickzone over the "claim your offer" button that links to the special offer page.

When you're finished editing your content, click the "Save" button. Then, click "Close."

Your content will now appear in Content Manager to use in future experiences.


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