Create an Event from an Interaction (Video)



EventBuilder is a new metric discovery tool. It lets you track key performance indicators that could otherwise fall outside of traditional conversion metrics. Any event that you build is reusable and can be added to any new experience.

All events fall into one of three categories: Interactions, Impressions, and Page URL events.

Interactions occur when a user interacts with an element on your website. Interactions can include clicks, exit links, form submits or any generic DOM events like mouseovers, touch, and keyboard events.

Impressions signal when something exists or when a user was exposed to something. Impressions can be based on cookies, javascript variables, and HTML elements.

Page URL events occur when a user lands on a page URL that matches specified parameters.

For this screencast, we'll demonstrate how to add an event, in this case a form submit, and track it in an experience.

First, select the area of the page where you want to track the event. Notice that when you highlight an area of the page that won't work for that event type, the selector box won't allow you to proceed. For a form submit, the builder only lets us select form and input elements.

Here, we'll track how users interact with the search form. Once you click on the search form, click the next button.

At this point it's important to trigger your event to make sure it's set up properly. To test our form submit, we can type our search term into the form and hit enter. If the event is set up properly the preview bar displays a persistent message and the counter increases by one.

Keep in mind, the page may reload based on the event that was performed, but the preview bar counter should still increase accordingly.

Once you have verified that your event is functioning properly, you can set conditions such as “track only when the event is performed on the home page.”

Now you're prompted to give your event a title and description. Once you're finished, click on the create button and your newly created event will show up on your events list page.



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